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When sound quality is your top priority in a headset, nothing beats SysDo
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The world's best noise cancelling microphone



Benefits and Features:

Dramatic Noise Reduction

theMicrophone has an average 10 dB improvement over the M-87 with a maximum of 30 db improvement in average speech bandwidth. (Source US Air Force Research Laboratory)

The Best Speech Intelligibility

the microphone enables crystal clear speech in 100+ dB noise.

The technology improves intelligibility scores to 82% in noise levels of 105 dB compared to 72% intelligibility for the M-87 noise canceling microphone. (Source US Air Force Research Laboratory)

Ideal for high noise environments

Suited for use in car racing, any aviation and many military applications. the Microphone'sTM noise rejection performance surpasses all passive or active micro-phonic systems including 2-port, 2-active and array microphone designs. The difference is particularly stark in high noise levels.

Noise Rejection takes a new shape

Patented noise cancellation technology rejects extraneous background noise.

An acoustically based approach; the Microphone accentuates the speaker's voice by concentrating it on the front port of a two-port microphone, while deflecting background noise from the back port.

Benefits of our passive noise cancelling technology

- no processor required, so low power requirements.

- Active noise cancelling technology relies on creating an anti-noise signal to cancel out the noise in a signal. Since there is inherent overlap in frequencies between speech and noise, this results in speech signals often being idetified as noise and vice versa. An observable consequence of this is distorted or garbled speech, and unsatisfactory noise cancellation. It Also requires a power supply (typically, additional battery).

- Other electronic noise cancelling techniques use algorithms to identify noise from a digital signal and to filter it out using digital filters. These techniques are also frequency dependant, which results in the same problems mentioned above.

Where is the MIC being utilized

Used in Aviation (Military, Ground Crew, and Commercial)

Used in Amateur and Professional Racing

Used in Communication Radios


the Microphone can be either elecret or dynamic (5 ohms/150 ohms).
And both options can be with or without amplifier.

Three different models: M101 style, M87 style, and 6mm flexboom

Custom mountable in many different applications



- Sensitivity -35 dBVrms
- Impedance 2,200 Ohms
- Frequency 50-20,000 Hz
- S/N ratio >70 dB

When sound quality is your top priority in a headset, nothing beats SysDo
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