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 Company Profile

SysDo Ltd. is a privately held company that specialized in marketing, developing and integrating communication systems to government, military and industrial markets.
SysDo's capabilities are broadened by superior sales expert, service and support.
The company provides a complete turn key solution for projects.
SysDo business strategy is to gain a leadership position in growing niche markets where products and systems of the utmost quality, highest reliability and most innovative features are required. The company is the market leader in most of the business areas that it is active in.
The company is a major supplier and integrator to the aerospace, military and high technology industries, military branches, police, airports and government customers.
SysDo owns C-Sat Ltd. which is a holding company for the global business activities and 
relationships of the group.

Systems and Products
-Intercom systems: Analog, Digital and VoIP for broadcast and command and control.
-Radio Transceivers: HF, VHF, Joint Tactical Radio Systems (JTRS), Radio Relay systems
-Tactical Antennas: HF, VHF, UHF and multiband
-Airports Control Towers integration: Fix and portable; 
Air Traffic Control
(ATC) systems: ILS, landing lights, DVOR, DME.
-Military and Naval communication systems: Field telephones, Military speakers, Vehicle Intercom, shipboard intercom and announcement systems .
-Headsets: Lightweight, Heavyweight and Active Noise Reduction (ANR) for Command and control, Aviation, and broadcast.
-Audio accessories: Earsets, handsets, inductive earpieces, adaptors for radio transceivers, wireless PTT etc.
-Bluetooth: headsets and PTT
-Satellite antennas: fixed and in-motion antennas

מה חדש?
When sound quality is your top priority in a headset, nothing beats SysDo
פרטי קשר
כתובת - סמטת פעמונית 1 מושב מגשימים
טלפון - Tel: 972-3-9338999
פקס - Fax: 972-3-9337233
דואר אלקטרוני - moti@sysdo.net

Sys-Do מוצרים

טלפון שדה- Field Telephone
טלפון שדה MIL-STD-810 ...
מערכת סרט ראש צבאית- Militery headband
מערכת סרט ראש צבאית אטומה למים עם סרט ראש,מיקרופון ולחצן PTT...
מע"ד צבאי למקמ"ש- Militery Handset
שפופרת למכשירי קשר כולל תעופתיים עם PTT מובנה, כבל ומחבר צבא...
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